Michael Eden, Press Print to Make

The Original Spode Factory Site


An exploration of ceramic rapid-prototyping and its possible applications.

Michael Eden (Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art at Manchester Metropolitan University) brings 3D Systems’ – the world leader in rapid-prototyping and 3D printing – newest, state-of-the-art 3D printer to the UK for its European launch.

Michael will act as resident artist at BCB 2015, creating a number of test pieces that will be printed, fired and then displayed on site during the festival. This system uses a new ceramic powder process (provided by an associated company – Viridis3D).

There will be opportunities for students and other professionals – such as architects – with CAD skills to use open access software to create pieces on site. It is intended that there will be an open call for submissions by students from Staffordshire University, other educational establishments and design professionals.

The printer will be available for demonstrations – and some limited public use – during the Biennial. It is hoped that there will be other opportunities for members of the public to create 3D printed objects using a widely-available polymer-based process.

The Royal Institute of Architects West Midlands will run an associated two-day symposium around the architectural uses of 3D Printing. This will include the production of architectural components and architectural models using 3D printers, and featuring specialists from Fosters Associates and other practices to showcase how they are already using this technology, and speculating as to its future application.


Image: Michael Eden, The Wedgwoodn't Tureen 2009 © the artist