Health & Wellbeing - Flowers



Flowers were once a common feature of a hospital visit. Brought by visitors to bring beauty and nature into the medical and clinical environment, brightening up the bedside and wards. Although it is no longer possible to have natural flowers in the hospital we propose to re-introduce them, bringing them back in ceramic form.

Between June and October 2014 BCB ran workshops for hospital staff, visitors and patients to create their own bone china flowers. ‘Flowerbed’ – a bedstead covered with a ‘mattress’ of ceramic flowers was planted (sited) in the garden area at the hospital main entrance between October 2014 and April 2015.

Staff were asked to nominate a flower noted for its medicinal qualities. A new design – using the rose periwinkle suggested by staff for its use in two cancer treatments – was produced. These flowers are incorporated in a final piece – a ceramic molded head that will be permanently displayed in the Fresh Hair salon within the University Hospital North Staffordshire’ Cancer Centre. This project was supported by UHNS Charity and funded by Appetite.

BCB is working with Haywood Community Hospital Trust to create a permanent piece using white bone china Rosehips (a flower used in the treatment of arthritis). 



Image: Flower Bed, UHNS 2014