Flowers at the Festival

The Original Spode Factory Site


There is a long history of bone china flower making in Stoke. Clusters of the glazed flowers made up as ‘florals’ were once extremely popular, with the industry employing several hundred flower makers across the city. The flower making industry has now all but disappeared. There are however many skilled flower makers still living and working within the Potteries.

Over the last five years the BCB has been successfully working with flower makers and artists, revitalizing flower making, repurposing their use as beautiful and symbolic objects in their own right and as components for compelling sculptural and art installations.

BCB continues to work towards its ambition of repurposing traditional local skills and helping to rebuild a small part of the ceramics industry that was almost lost – bone china flower-making.  This year flowers feature in one of our commissions – 194000 and also through our work to bring back flowers into the health environment. 


Image: Bone China Flowers