The Original Spode Factory Site


The centrepiece exhibition of the BCB 2015. A panel of judges chaired by Alun Graves V&A, has selected 11 artists to present new works exemplifying the energy and vitality of the best of British contemporary ceramics practice.

Set in the grand expanse of the China Hall, the exhibiting artists are: Amy Hughes, Andrea Walsh, Aneta Regel, Anne Gibbs, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Caroline Tattersall, Ingrid Murphy & Jon Pigott, James Rigler, Mella Shaw, Paul Scott, Sam Bakewell.

The works range from monumental architectural detail to intricate and intimate contemplative pieces, with conceptual depth, confident expressive flair and exquisite technical accomplishment.

Previous winners include: Andrew Burton, Gwen Heeney and Vicky Shaw, Robert Dawson, Neil Brownsword, Louisa Taylor, Phoebe Cummings and Nao Matsunaga.


Image: Caroline Tattersall, Still from Breaking Through (2015), AWARD15